Wednesday, June 11, 2008

i feel a change in the atmosphere.. and if you thought i was talking about the transition from summer to the rainy season.. close this page right now.. because what i am about to right after this.. will be way beyond your cognizance..

its been a rainy afternoon.. now i'm staring at the moon.. thinking.. we got too serious to soon
-Gareth Gates

why do these words seem like a white lie to me even though they have been taken from the lyrics of one of my favorite songs?.. maybe because of what akhi wrote on his blog.. about there being no age to fall in love.. and where is that written?.. no where.. its an unspoken rule of the language called 'love'.. have you noticed that philosophy mostly never has any material proof?.. whether we talk about things consecrated to vindicating someones desire to love and not get hurt..(which is not possible).. or simply about how david hit goliath in the eye with a stone from his slingshot and then cut his head off.. we only need physical evidence for something that cannot be proved using our spirituality and ability to love..

usually.. when a person seems to have a view distinct from the rest.. and if these very thoughts of his seem to make more sense than what i suppose they call "imagination overkill".. then his ideas are denounced as idiosyncrasy.. all attempts are made to prove that the person is either criminally insane or horrendously bad at expressing himself.. and they are successful.. to the extent that even a simple smile on his lips is despised as the desecration of human emotion..
the moral of the story is - if you cant join 'em.. beat 'em.. (no i did not jumble up the quote.. p.s. the word 'beat' in this context does not reffer to defeating a competitor.. it refers to literally beating the pulp out of the concerned rival.. who actually is the good guy.)

the only way we can escape the politics of our heart.. is by being ourselves.. whether you may be having a clandestine love affair.. or may simply be toying around with your imagination.. as long as you can claim to have done what you really 'meant' to do.. you will be happy.. and more importantly.. you will be satisfied.. so if you ever feel the need for a change in your life.. do so only on the material horizons.. because attempting to change what you are from within and trying to be a new person.. is like looking into the eyes of a stranger and wishing to know everything about them.. not everything is subject to change.. somethings provide foundation for the desired difference.. and you cant change the foundation of a building without making the whole structure collapse..

thousand frozen lies in the sun..
as the ice melts they are set free..
standing in between i feel the water rise..
i sink below and love is all i see..


Akhi said...

Very,very well said.
Truly epitomizes the essence of life,in general.
I like it :)

Neha said...

i absolutely love the quotes u use.....and u've expressed urself beautifully....:)

$#@$(\/)!R@ said...

lol...i wasnt talkin about random thoughts in general. i was talkin about MY random thoughts...:P

now i really get it wen u tole me before that ppl are jus THAT dumb :D;)

Clairsentient said...


>_< i'm gnna get back at you for that one sunshine!!

$#@$(\/)!R@ said...

we'll see about that...i mite just surprise u...:P (u no my frends call me one the 'guys' here)

so be afraid!!! be VERY afraid!!

Clairsentient said...

@shas.. yeah.. that .. and also the fact that i dont even know what you did last summer.. shit.. i hv sum catching up to do.. :p