Thursday, June 12, 2008

you called today.. and i knew bliss for the few minutes we conversed.. even though it may have been about insignificant stuff.. it meant a lot to me.. just the fact that you actually called me up against your self-isolation rules.. in order to let me know whats been going on.. makes me feel like a new born opening his eyes for the first time.. i sense myself breathing.. i hear voices around me.. voices of joy.. voices of meaning.. and yet.. tears move down my face.. i start to cry.. having just experienced the feeling of coming to life.. the most wonderful and yet the most painful realization of all time.. because now i know.. that i shall have to live.. refining everything that comes my way.. sensing emotions that affect me.. absorbing all that seems to make me feel like a part of this bleak world.. i shall be rewarded with happiness for every noble deed that commit.. and ladden with sorrow for every blunder i produce.. there shall be turning points of course.. where the choices i make will give me the power to either construct a cornerstone.. or destroy something that was already negligible..

there are things.. factors.. that shall influence the way i decipher mysteries related to my interactions with people through the astral world.. show me ways to tackle every sort of obstacle that may prevent me from getting to what i set out for.. the very thing that marks my existence.. the very essence of all thats good and true.. the depleter of negative thoughts and pessimistic belief.. "LOVE"

you must be wondering why i put so much emphasis on love.. but thats just like wondering why we need to keep breathing.. yes.. in order to survive.. love is as much of a neccesity as food or water.. if i person loses his logistics.. he might still survive.. but mark my words.. if a person holds a strong compassion for someone in their heart.. then the loss of the one they love.. would completely eradicate the existence of the soul inside of them.. and that.. is worse then death..

so no matter what may be the cosequences.. keep holding on to the one you love.. you will be tested.. and it wont be easy.. you will have to struggle and fight.. and at the same time keep striving.. keeping in mind that giving up on this.. would mean giving up on love.. giving up on life.. once god sees how true you have been to him.. once he realizes that all your actions were nothing but an attempt to keep your special someone happy.. he will smile.. and you shall be bestowed with treasures more valuable than any imaginable enitity.. if you were expecting gold.. then you will be dissapointed.. because the treasure is the prestige to be able to stay in love with the one you love.. forever..

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