Monday, June 2, 2008

i guess its necessary for me to release some of my astral energy through this medium of transverse mass communication everyday.. this place is a sturdy wall that just wont fall no matter how much i complain to it about things like my itching head or something more meaningful like my daily experiences into the world of emotion.. its tough to be frank.. its really hard to play the role of a modern day psychic.. keeping in mind that the human gray-matter has the ability to form thoughts relating to the most absurdly insane situations and make them seem like nothing more than the opinions coming from a few social retards.. those suggestions in reality.. are nothing but pleas from your heart.. requesting you to give your brain a break.. and give the fist-sized organ a chance.. its ironic how our heart and fists are of the same size.. and yet the non-material quantity of associative feeling the former represents is far greater than the material dominance two tight fists can show..

i guess i should tell you more about myself.. lest you get lost in the bleak reality of what i am writing here.. because i feel that getting to know me better is the only way by which you may have a chance to decipher what i mean to imply by all this.. if you are one of those people who get the chance to hear me blabbering on about how i wish to make everyone around me feel totally cared for.. in other words.. if you are one of my friends who i meet everyday and actually open up to.. then you have a lead on any random blogger who thinks himself to be the next morse in the world of human belief.. but even then.. seeing through me is in no way going to be an easy experience.. in fact i think you will need to rack your skull for the initial entry into my heart.. but once your in.. you will be laden with thoughts of divine bliss.. and you will not regret having made the effort to try and be one of those people who i will hold on to till the time mortality drifts us apart..

this little rhyme for that special someone ..

I still don't know what not to say,
because all i think of starts from you.
Maybe thats the reason every thought,
is as divine as the morning dew.

And yet i don't know how to show,
those feelings i keep hidden within.
The fear of not being loved by you,
is more punishable than a mortal sin.

The way you look me in the eyes,
its hard to not keep falling deeper.
Just give me that little ray of hope,
Of your heart.. ill be the keeper.

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