Tuesday, June 3, 2008

oh.. so ignorance is bliss eh?.. yeah maybe it is when you are the one ignoring.. but let me tell you.. 'being' ignored by you does not make me feel even remotely blissful.. its hurts you know.. everyday i wake up with just one thing on my mind.. yeah.. you guessed it right.. its 'you'.. i forcefully plaster a smile across my face trying to forget how miserable you made me feel yesterday.. and the day before.. and a few days in succession before that.. with faith that today might be different.. special.. call me over-emo if you like.. but you are no better and you know that.. i just go over-board to try and be there for you.. but all you do is move away from everyone.. from me.. i know its hard to let go of someone/something you have held on to for so long.. and even harder to get over the fact that you actually did it.. but you must realize that there is barely any time left before we all move along our separate ways.. do you really think you want to spend these last few days in isolation?.. do you really think giving yourself so much pain is actually worth it?.. it seems as if you are trying to punish yourself for having committed a horrendous crime.. what you did.. gave him a chance to move on with life and find someone he was meant to be with.. and in turn gave you a chance to have a new beginning.. why don't you understand the gravity of the situation?.. why don't you visualize the number of tears shed by the ones who care for you.. seeing what you are doing to yourself.. i cried.. i cried like crazy.. i know that doesn't make you feel a tad bit better.. but its high time you analyzed how much damage you have been causing just for the sake of keeping your sorrow to yourself.. its time you let me take you by the hand.. and walk in this rain by your side.. and soon enough.. you will see the sun shining bright.. just for you..


uthayya said...

quite nice...really..
but i need to know who it's for..

AKANKSHA said...

this is a fantastic exibit of the purest and most beautiful emotion that an individual can have towards another....its a journey into a deep blue sea which has its calm and turbulent days....just hang on and keep posting...:)

$#@$(\/)!R@ said...

ok..u dunno me(abhimanyu's frend)...bt this is real deep dude!!
hope it all works out 4 ya..:)

abhi08 said...

abbe....u never told me dat u facin ne prob re.....:(

Akhi said...

The fact remains that you can write better than Kamala Das.
Well,then again,so can Alochan.But that's not the point.

The point is,this makes more sense to me than Ball dynamics.

Your writing style is unique,yet professional,distant yet touching.

Feels nice to know that there are more like-minded people out there,than we imagine.
Take care bro..