Wednesday, June 4, 2008

today.. you took from me the only thing that i had been looking forward to throughout the week.. i don't really know what to say.. because you've made it pretty clear that my desire to try and lift you above all the pain and sorrow is not appreciated.. to say the least.. i didn't really have any high hopes when it came to being accepted as an indispensable part of your life.. but i did not think that you would be so frank to let me know how much of a pain i am to you.. i respect the fact that you are so outspoken.. but when it comes in the way of my self-assigned affection towards you.. the truth seems to hurt.. in fact it hurts so much.. that every time i think about it.. i don't feel like thinking anymore.. about this.. about anything.. the pain of helplessness is making me sink way below the transparent surface where my belief usually floats.. for the first time i find myself in a position where the only thing i can do.. is pray for you to accept me as i am.. to see through me.. to love me.. to feel for me exactly what i feel for you.. one day you will read all this.. and you will wonder if anyone in this world could have wished to be as true to you as i dream to be at this very moment.. but then there is this thing about intruding your privacy.. and i did not intend to do it in the first place.. but i guess i have been doing the very same thing all this while.. so i think i should just let you be.. let you heal on time and happy memories alone.. and at the same time hope that once everything is alright.. you don't forget to turn to me.. and give me what i would consider to be a well deserved hug~


reemsha said...

u good!!...red it twice to make sure i got each n evry word...amazin1!!!

Neha said...

dude....ur one heck of a writer....ur words have d magic of buzzing rite through the computer screen n touch dat spot of d person....wich usually he would not wanna uncover....waitin 2 hear more of ur sappy crap.... :p