Friday, July 18, 2008

now i feel like an aeroplane.. above the rain.. and this time.. i wont make the same mistakes.. i used to make..

the more i try to run away from my past.. the more it seems to haunt me.. one way or the other.. i feel as if its a mortal sin to try and rectify the mistakes i once committed.. its like being declared a resident of hell.. you have already lost the chance to be able to cleanse your soul.. as if it was not already bad enough being misunderstood in every imaginable sphere of life.. as if having tripped and fallen over my own untied laces was not enough to make me shiver with regret of having made so many mistakes in the times that are no longer with us..

and to think i'm gonna be getting into one of the best engineering colleges in the country tomorrow.. and yet i feel nothing special.. nothing at all actually.. sometimes the simplest of sorrows can overcome a great magnitude of happiness.. and its only because sometimes.. the simplest of joys can overcome the greatest of sorrows.. i am very messed up right now.. more messed up than i have ever been.. and its only because i cant find a single person who has a mind that operates on exactly the same frequency as mine.. sometimes i feel like ET.. but then i call akhi up.. and i remember that there are two of us..

look at me.. do i look like the kind of guy who gives a fuck?.. even if i dont.. to be honest i do give a fuck.. everyone does.. it makes the world go around.. if you actually dont give a fuck.. your not a part of the pyramid.. your a fuckin' outcast.. stop eating our grain..

lets just say.. that its time i walked away.. oh wait i dont want to sound mean.. so lets give it another try.. lets just say.. that its time i let you sail away.. you never really gave a fuck anyway.. or atleast you mentally claimed that you did not.. one way or the other.. you are no longer a part of my life cycle.. its time i stopped compromising with my desires to fulfil your needs.. its time i set things up the way i want to.. and yet i shall wait.. any maybe one day.. you will learn to live your life the way you want to.. and not the way it was offered to you.. its hard to say that i still love you.. i can sense the feeling slip away..


Anonymous said...

ET probably had the most sensible thought processes as compared to any human...

Clairsentient said...

thank you aashna :D .. i lvoe disguised appreciation

Clairsentient said...