Thursday, July 3, 2008

yeah.. everything's settled to the bottom of the glass now.. i am happy at last.. and most importantly.. i am satisfied.. i have all that i wanted from life at this point of time.. and when you have all the ingredients for a particular recepie.. the brew has to be perfect.. but now i have to cook up something delicious before i run out of the most important component of my dish.. before i run out of time..

i have tried talking to the wind.. i have tried shouting at the starts.. i have tried fighting with the pebbles lying on the road.. i have asked them for reasons.. i have asked them for answers unknown to even the brightest minds..

this thing called love, its not a game..

brings even the noblest ones to shame..

just when your sure that you have it all..

life sticks its foot out, you trip and you fall..

broken bones and broken desires follow..

all the things that seem to leave you hollow..

and covered in tears you see her face..

its like falling face first from the higest place..

so never let your eyes replace your heart..

and let your feelings guide you from the start..

you need to move with delicate-unwavering belief..

like a tender water drop sliding down a leaf..

so we all claim that we know what we want from life.. not realising that even the weight of the thought of having a clue about what is needed by us is a lot more than we can handle.. but it seems to have become a compulsion to keep dreams which may not be fulfilled even if almighty himself tried to make it happen.. its something like flying too close to the sun and then wishing you could have gone back down at your pace.. its not possible.. because your wings are already burnt.. dont keep desires that may cost you everything that gave you the ability to have that desire in the first place..

"one form of hate extinguishes the other.. but one form of love only replenishes another " -Aman Dahiya

if you think that your mind is clouded by a negative thought at the time of making even the crudest decision.. just leave it for another time.. sometimes small choices change the course of our lives in ways that make it impossible for us to get back on track after having been deviated from it due to nasty pranks played on us by a fate imprisoned destiny.. its all in our hands.. no one controls what you shall behold..

and now as the day you sail away draws closer.. i close my eyes with hope that when i open them next.. i will see more than just a bleak outline of the uncertainty you seem to be leaving behind to keep me company.. i will wish for more than just a self-made excuse to get over you so that i can carry on with what would be a desirably better life.. and then only retrace my steps back to where i started.. because i know it would be foolish to even want to move on..

lets just say i'm happy loving you and not lettng you know about it.. that keeps me from expecting more than what i can get.. and it prevents you from pushing yourself into things you would rather avoid..

"you dont need to climb the peak of a mountain to admire its beauty.. some sights can be better appreciated at a distance.."

-Aman Dahiya

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Vasundhara said...

I really liked the way you ended your entry with that quote. I totally agree with that....