Wednesday, July 9, 2008

sometimes i just seem to run out of words.. and then i think of you.. and i am flooded with ideas and thoughts ladden with such pure feelings.. it makes me write in way that preserves all that i want to hold on to.. for the rest of my life.. like the lyrics of a beautiful song that never ends.. so you dont have to play it all over again to listen to it one more time.. it keeps playing.. i keep crying.. its the versatility of love that makes me want to hold on to the truth of what i have for you in my heart.. forever..

i take in the scent of the perfume your wearing.. i claim that it reminds me of a significant part of my past.. but i dont feel like turning to my past when i smell the fragrance on you.. i feel like coming closer to you.. sometimes the crudest things can be so symbolic of the way your feeling at a particular moment.. or the way you would have wished to be.. why could not the world shrink to a measure where being in one anothers arms would be the only option we would have?.. yeah i know.. sometimes i hope of things that are never meant to be.. and hope leads to dreams.. dreams in turn lead to fulfilment.. and yet i dont hope for the fulfilment of my dreams.. i just fulfil my dream of hoping..

yeah i am changing.. and i guarantee you.. its only for the good.. of the people around me.. of the people i specially group under the category of friends.. i am changing.. only to make it easy for myself to keep in mind the thought that after spending a day without you.. i am only a day closer to meeting you.. and i know that anyone who claims to know what i really am.. and still reading this right now.. will not believe me when i say that i will wait for you.. i will.. i promise.. i have made this confession when i was drunk.. have made it when i was sober.. sometimes you just want to hold on and never let go for the soul purpose of staying in love with a person you want to love.. even after knowing that they have no clue whatsoever about your feelings for them.. and that is only because you know that you are happier just loving them without them knowing.. than getting into a relationship with someone else just to try and make yourself get over your one and ever love..

i love you.. thats it.. thats the reason why i seem to have no interest in any seemingly good looking girl that passes by even though i claim to have found her 'steaming hot'(with mild traces of hoogaa boogaa in the background) .. and thats that. end of discussion. yea i still love you after ending the post. i love you.

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